February 2006 Archives

PV 0.9.6

PV 0.9.6 has been released, incorporating some minor bugfixes. A build problem on Cygwin was fixed, NLS was made static on systems without msgfmt, the -i option can now properly understand decimal numbers, and a cosmetic fix: when progress reaches 100%, the ETA is blanked instead of showing "ETA: 0:00:00".

JMBA 0.5.5

Some minor feature enhancements to JMBA. New SENDER and RECIPIENT tags are available in the template, and the ORIGINAL tag includes slightly more of the original message. Also, files in the queue directory starting with "." are now ignored.

These updates were sponsored by SpamDefy.

QSF 1.1.6

QSF version 1.1.6 has been released. It fixes a few tokenisation bugs (URLs at the start of messages, and nested message attachments) and improves the build process a little.