Term::VT102 0.91

It's been a while, but now there's a new version of Term::VT102. A few people have contacted me about the module over the past few weeks, and then Jörg Walter sent a patch to fix Unicode handling, which resurrected my interest in clearing a few of the TODOs from the list.

So, I cleaned it up a bit and extended the example scripts enough that I could effectively use Term::VT102 as a terminal emulator, and ran things like top and mutt within it to see how it handled. As a result I've fixed a few bugs in escape sequence handling and line wrapping as well as adding TAB stop support and callbacks for title changes and other private message strings.

There is also now an example script to show scrollback buffer processing for things like converting script logs or screen history into a flat file you can read with less without all the cursor positioning stuff getting in the way.